Crystal building stone or China stone

This kind of stone is coarse grained, white, light gray to cream. It is necessary to mention that, this building stone is available in different types of quality and its pure white color is more expensive. It is used in different thickness slab, axing and hand-woven as cornice, flooring and tabulation. Manual axing is not as good as machinery one due to the mechanism used through the process.




Advantageous of crystal stone

Poking crystal stone sounds like Chinaware, because of that is called Chinese stone. It is from marble group but towards China stone that is coarse grained. Pure crystal is white and very brightening but totally, it is smoky to light one with gray, black and yellow lines.

Water absorption in this stone is less than 1 percent. Its special weight is 2.7 ton to mm. Crystal stone resistance to surface and deep weathering. It is used as facade and steps but mostly used for flooring.