Facade stone

What is facade stone?
Facade stones is a stronger, nice, easy to extract, cut, and engraving with high durability. It is a decoration stone which can be cut and crushed in different dimension on demand. Sedimentary rock is very diverse in color, texture and different combination. Some sand stones are like sediments produces from earlier rocks. These sediments placed in layers, stick and press then after long time.

Different types of building facade stones
Facade stone is really dense, heavy and defined for buildings, because they are attractive and affordable with high durability which is suitable for constructing. Extracted stones cut and engrave in different sizes regarding to the mine specifications usage.
Granite is a type of strong stone with high volume, they absorb less water because of its high dense. Travertine and marble are two other facade stones that are in different designs and colors. Travertine and another facade stone and other types of dense limestone like marble is classified by building industries.


It is an ignite stone with light color and large enough in size to see, this type of facade stone regarding to the strength and ability to stand heavy blocks dates back to long time ago and it is more used in trade and religious buildings. Marble is one of the most popular facade stone which is used in normal life, like counter platforms, stone –pavements, facade stone, stairs and tomb. This stone is very strong due to the high amount of silica in it and resist against rubbing and because of that, it is used in industrial environment, and is costly in order to cut and sub. It is long time that granite is used for interior and exterior of buildings, polished and crushed granite is used for facade, pavement and monuments.

stone Granite

It is not hard enough because of insufficient resistant style against climate changes so it’s not used for facade. Marble has glass mode and don’t have high durability against heat and cool weather. The best marble reserves have been found in Iran, it is really hard to extract marble from mine, it is one of the most expensive facade stone in building so not used for facade then and since it is used for religious places, also has therapeutic property.

Marble stone is available in different colors and the most favorite ones which use for sanctuary, mosque and other public places are yellow, white and green. Since marble will fades against weather changes, gases and acid rain is not suitable for cold and outdoor areas. Marble is used for facade stones and decoration the stylish buildings.
Travertine is a sedimentary stone that mostly find in Italy, but they find in Turkey, Mexico, Croatia, Iran and China as well. Travertine sedimentary texture is made of Caco3. The stone because of Iron Carbonate inside is different, hot spring and sedimentary caves has been created through it. If u want to make a romantic atmosphere mixture of cloud and wind in appearance, travertine would be an intellectual choice. It is a porous stone and because of existing holes inside, absorption happens strongly. Travertine regarding to its softness and resistant is usable against climate changes, it reflexes the light due to the brilliant, polished and clearness, so it has been used from ancient time which used in Amphitheater, flood ways and bathes. Travertine is used in jeweling industry in which it can be converted to the invaluable ring or bracelet. It is also used for floor, wall, customers and other interior or exterior projects.
We have other stone types for facade, floor, stairs, bridges and tunnel.
Other building facade

stone Marble

Type of stone that is available in the gray and white color which is used for special and decoration.

Crystal stone

A sedimentary stone that is so called stone flower. Limestone for the building facade has the same usage like marble. It is not too strong and is really soft, therefore it is used for exterior part of building. This type of stone is exposed to dirt because of high water absorption.

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