Chequered mosaic  

This kind of mosaic offers an excellent range of blocks that exhibit high structural strength. It is highly demanded in both residential, commercial sectors and  established standards. We offer very affordable and competitive rates to our esteemed clients. They are manufactured according to the latest technologies and advanced mechanism.

Chequered mosaic, due to its amazing quality is demanded in domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. So, regarding to each client needs are provided in various specifications, different dimensions, patterns and designs.

Floor mosaic is dense. They are made of sand, cement, grain stone , water, stone powder. In fact mosaics are kind of compact concrete that create through pressing or vibrating methods.  Mosaic means putting stones together that makes design and picture on surface. 

Mosaics are the ideal solution for external flooring in heavy traffic areas and spaces. So, it presents you anti-slip flooring. It is an ideal choice for parking lots, driveways, pathways, swimming pool decks, building compounds, petrol pumps, warehouses and heavy traffic areas as well. Mehregan trading company presents the best ideals to the all.