Iranian Floor Tiles


Iran is a country with the excessive mine sources which is one of the biggest manufacturers of tile and ceramic with over than 10factories in this industry.  

Rectified floor Ceramic tiles are produced with various color and nice designs in different sizes: 30*30- 40*40- 50*50-60*60- 80*80- 100*100.

We export the Ceramic tiles to UAE, Africa, Middle Asia, Europe and all over the world. Ceramic tile models are designed accordance  with the latest and common designs and tastes of the world. They are according with the premium quality and highest level of the global


These Ceramic tiles are produced in various kinds of red, white soil and porcelain, we offer you our products due to your needs and passion. Our experts help you to select the best and convenient design, sort and tile price you prefer. 


Floor tile

Floor tiles need to be quite strong and able to resist to wear and tear because no one wants their new kitchen floor to crack or wear away after just a few months. Due to the impervious or vitreous nature of ceramic and porcelain tiles, and the hardened glaze, tiles are normally found in bathrooms, wet-rooms, and kitchens. So, in technically view, any tile with a PEI rating from 1 to 5 can be used on the floor.



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We export the best quality of Iranian ceramic tiles with the best prices to many countries. we sell the products of more than 100 tiles factories who produce wall tiles, floor tiles and porcelain tiles in Iran .This wide range of various products will respond and support any taste with any budget, and you can select your ceramic tile regarding to your desired quality and price, from thousands of tile designs and colors.

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