History of Iranian building stones

History of Iranian building stones

Iranian building stones have its own long story, background of making home stones dates back to the ancient years, about 12000 years ago. Ancient buildings of the stones are visible in famous historical buildings such as Thakht – E- Jamshid, Pasargad in Shiraz, Takhte- E- Suleimanand the other historical places and also decorative stones that are made of Marmar, Onyx, and So on.


The Statistics indicate that because of the variety and richness of our stones mines, Iran is the 4th main country in building stone field and naturally the main exporter in this industry. Respectively China is the main and first importer of Iranian stones. Iraq also is the second importer after China, Turkey is the third one, India and Turkmenistan are the other main importer of Iranian stones. Need to mention that sometimes many from different countries import Iranian stones with Chinese or Italian brands.


Building stone Mines

Global decorative stone reserves in almost 15 billion tones included of Marble, Granite, Travertine. Iran regarding to the decorative stones has the main and first grade with 4/8 tones.

The stones are used in building must be without any groove, caries and loose layer and also have monotonous colors as far as possible. Different types of stones in buildings regarding to their usage prepare by hammer and blade.

Main stones field used in construction affairs are Granite, Quartz, Travertine, Marble, Sand stone, and Shiest.


Different types of building stones with different usage in floor and stairs of building

The stairs and floor stones are exposed rubbing and striking and also pollution,it must be highly resistant against these complications and also have the lowest porosity.
The wall stones must have either nice view or resistance against washing materials and environmental factors because of  avoiding for destruction caused by wind and freezing, so this kind of stone should be selected regarding to the climate conditions in the area.


Building decoration stones

Granite because of high resistance due to the silica inside is used for view, floor and stairs.

Marmarit is not more secured against weather conditions because of its features, used for floor, stairs and artistic affairs.

Marble is a stone which is made under more pressure, and in order to it is very difficult to extract, in spite of is more useful and more expensive then, and good news is that we have the best reserves of it in Iran.

Chinese (crystal) stones are more strong and used for view (facade) and not popular these days anymore.

Iranian stones


limestone is so called stone flower that has less resistance and in order to that is not popular, since it absorbs water a lot, its surface is scratched. It’s not the favorite stone among the ones who are interested in it.

Iranian stones


This kind of stone is most favorite and usable stone among other stones. It is not too much difficult for being extracted and is safe in the bad climate conditions, since it has high absorbance it is used for interior and exterior of the buildings.

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