Land of Ceramic Tile

Land of Ceramic Tile

Iran is a rich country of minerals and energy resources. Many tiles and ceramic manufacturers and investors have passion and are interested in Iranian ceramic tiles of Feldspar, Kaolin, Silicon… Mines and also convenient price and energy in Iran.

Ceramic tile industry dates back to the long past in Iran. Because of abundant clay and raw material for producing pottery dishes, in ancient discoveries lots of pottery pieces have been found, which proves this industry has been used from the first. There are more than 90% of ceramic tiles raw material in Iran, besides mostly producing equipment and technologies import from Italy and producing happens due to the global standards and quality.

Since human resource and energy rate is low in Iran, our manufactured tiles and ceramics export with high quality and affordable price to other countries.

About 500 million square meters of Ceramic tile annually produce with 200 growth in 10 last years in Iran.

Passion of purchasing from Iranian ceramic tile companies increases day by day in order to the nice designs and high qualities of our products.

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