Marble stone

Marble is a trading and special building stone. Dense marbles or limestone are the result of suppression of calcium carbonate or aragonite sediments with some poor metamorphic effects. It is a pure white precious stone for its beauty, strength and resistance to fire and erosion.

The ancient Greek and Iranian used this stone in their buildings and statues extensively. Compared to travertine, marble is more used for interior and exterior the most, because of its higher hardness and lower porosity. But because of the color minerals such as hematite, limonite, carbon and etc., they are in red, light yellow, black, pink, and a combination of other colors. Towards travertine, marble is used for interior and exterior parts of building, because of its higher hardness and lower porosity.

Traditionally, marble is seen as a delicate stone and many people worry that a marble kitchen counter top will be chip, stain or hard to clean. Now, it is not only tough enough, but also easy to care for and stain resistant more than Granite. Both stones are waterproof, hygienic and an ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and crowded spaces.

Marble stone is resistance to various weather conditions, polish able, easy maintenance, cleaning and non-resistance to abrasion.