Mosaic and its applications

Mosaic is one of the all-purposed building material in Iran. It is used as dense flooring for yard floor, building floor, pavement floor, garden floor and other related floors. Using mosaic is common in Europe, Italy and Germany. Mosaic is kind of concrete consist of cement, sand, grain stone, stone powder and water with two production methods.

Flooring mosaic is dense. They are made of sand, cement, grain stone , water, stone powder. In fact mosaics are kind of compact concrete that create through pressing or vibrating methods. Different designs in different dimension. Mosaic means putting stones together that makes design and picture on surface. 



Totally mosaic is composed of two levels;


Surface layer or mosaic color

The layer represents its design and it is made of stone powder, cement, and water in color compounds.

Bottom layer or Narin

The layer of mosaic is thicker than the surface layer and tolerate more pressure and it is consist of cement, water, and sand.


Mosaic production methods


Pressing method

In this case compressing creates dense mosaic by using press device, the process is different regarding to the dimension and type of aggregate. Mosaics needs to be polished in this way.

Vibrating method

There isn’t any compressing in this case, compression operation is performed with the aid of the vibrating device. But there are some vibrated mosaics that are made of decorative stones and abrasion done on it.


Mosaic types

  1. Granite and normal mosaics
  2. Vibrated mosaics

Single layer mosaic is kind of mosaic without rub and compressing. There is no need to any complicated machines. Only having a mixture, a measure container and an equipped trembling conveyor tape in length 10-12.
Respectively producing method, defined material fit to each mold mixes and pour in the rubbing mold, then place on a trembling conveyor tape to make the air get out of the mosaic inside, and let the mold get dry for 5 hours. Then take them apart from the mold and place the mosaics inside water, after that packing them.

  1. Washed mosaic

Producing process in this case is the same as granite mosaic but for making they dry place in a hothouse for 5 hours. Polish it with stringed brush in 3 steps from rough to soft and then splash them with water jet.

     4. Single layer mosaic

This kind of mosaic has a single layer and it is light due to having no bottom layer regarding to use tiny grain stone inside. It is mostly produces in Germany and Italy. 

  1. Double layer mosaic