Shrink nylon

Packaging is the way for covering the product to make them tidy and more secure from environmental factors.  Some nylons are used for packing through heating which is shrink nylon.

Shrink nylon changes with 16 degree and cover the product perfectly. This nylon produce in various dimension. As u know width and length of products in different industries varies.

shrink nylon
shrink nylon

What is shrink nylon?

Shrink nylon is manufactured in one and two layers and like other covers, surely quality will be better when the layers number increases, by the way as mentioned before thickness is different in shrink nylons. If clients need master batched shrink nylons, they can order in various colors. All industries from the smallest to the big ones can use this product easily by paying little amount of money. Shrink nylons can be used in a pallet and also huge dimension for packing goods, of course for more security this kind of packing, pallet cover nylons must be wrapped around the products by lots of them.


Usage of shrink nylons

Shrink nylons is used for two purposes in producing industries. Covering different products by that to prevent them safe from penetrating dust, infection and pollution to the product tissue. This kind of nylons could be ordered in a dimension and size customer prefer and need. The nylons is included of the different types which is used as a main nylon for packing factory products and detective. Shrink nylon is very delicate, thin, heat- sensitive. It will be changed, if it is exposed to the direct heat, since it is practical in different kind of packaging. After heating it sticks to the body of the product and can save the product against small strikes. Protecting surface from dust and pollution is the main advantage of the product and none of the available nylons are not the same.


Types of shrink nylons

Some of shrink nylon is used for packaging food products and others is used to pack products are manufactured in the factories. Shrink nylons is practical in factories produces in more thickness and make productions more secured instead. Having basic information and details for purchasing shrink nylons such as price, quality and validity to make a right order is necessary.

packing shrink nylon
packing shrink nylon

Price of Shrink nylon

Regarding to the product quality and material which is used inside, its price will be recognized. There is no organization or department to define the price, and it can be declared to make a decision through and customers can select the ones regarding to their needs. Mehregan Company can deliver the best quality with affordable price as you wish.



shrink nylons

Each shrink nylon has different thickness, the more thickness, the more security. Mehregan Trade is a company present what you are looking for in a way you need and prefer, since we are pioneer in this case such a long time. If you are looking for the best no doubt we can convince you with affordable price and best quality.


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