Granite stone

This kind of stone composed of cooled melt rocks. Due to their high hardness, stunning beauty, high strength, durability, variety of designs and colors, Granite stone is a symbol of hardness and durability. It has managed to obtain the good position in the stone and building industry. Since granite hardness is high, the cost of cutting and processing granite stones is higher than calcareous rocks. It has a monotonous color advantage towards limestone and are easier to maintain. Their life time is more than others and longer. Granite are in white, gray, orange, green, black and red colors.The stone uses as interior and exterior part of buildings.



Granite stone in building

Stone is one of the hard and strength materials on the earth because of the variety in colors, plan and type of usage, It is used as a building interior and exterior decor or facade. Besides making the building strength, it has nice and decoration view, too. Its variety of design and colors caused they used in different places such as flooring, covering walls, step stones, facade stones, and decorative elements.




Granite is the building stone that has various types of usage. Under the pressure and rubbing nothing happened on its surface. It is highly strength to the heat. So, regarding to this, it can be used for counter of kitchen without any worries. The rock granite is non-porous, and has a high resistance to water penetration. This stone uses for making sinks, kitchen sinks, and counter tops because of its high resistance.