What is washed concrete mosaic?

Washed concrete mosaic or washed concrete which is made of sand, mine grain stones, lubricants for concrete, concrete adhesive is kind of colorful concrete. This mosaic is produced in two pressed and vibrating methods. After mixing raw materials in pressing method, pour it in the bottom layer of pressing table mold and cover it with cement sand substances. Then double layers mosaic covered by grain stone is produced within compressing with pressing machinery then moving through steam room, and finally wash it.

In a vibrating method concrete enter the steam room, after pouring in the plastic mold and moving through the vibrating table.  After 24 hours, take it out of the mold and remove the cement glaze with the jet water pressure to let stone grain on the surface be nice and brighter.  


Pressing concrete washed mosaic

In making process, 50% of mold prepared blended and others fill with sand, cement, water and press. After pressing process, dense blended takes out of the mold and maintain in a steam room for one day, then washes its surface. Mosaic density and resistance increase under high strength press. Washed concrete or washed mosaic is one of the concrete flooring which is composed of cement, sand, mine stones, concrete adhesive, related lubricants and produce in variety of colors. Producing washed concrete in vibrating method, produced concrete pours in the plastic molds and moving through the vibrating table after mixing the raw materials, place it in the steam room for 24 hours and then take it out of the mold. It is washed with jet water to remove the cement glaze from the nice grain stones with special brush and makes its appearance prominence and brighter, in the end a natural nice flooring is produced. Produced concrete in pressing method pours in the bottom layer of the mold and covers with the cement substances, press it then with compressing machinery to produce two layers and natural grain stones on the surface, moving through the steam room and washing process begins like vibrating washed concrete mosaic. This product uses in park yard, villa, yard and sidewalk.


Two colored mosaic with circle prominence design

To prevent from slipping,using this kind of mosaic is more common. It is not suitable for the places are exposed the water such as parking.

Its complete design looks nicer in a places with higher area. Mosaic is the best choice for sidewalk and because of 2 cm thickness it changes less than other outside flooring. Its dimension is 30*30.

Product advantageous

  • High resistance
  • High durability in construction
  • Low cost
  • Different designs