Yard mosaic

Materials, quality, design variation and appearance of mosaic are the main factors. Usage of yard mosaic is different regarding to the type of materials. Yard mosaic produces 40*40 cm concrete and single layer mosaic with 2.5 cm thickness in different color gray, red and yellow.



Different types of yard mosaic


Cement mosaic only produces simple and grooved design on surface, regarding to the lack of decorative stones 

Grooved mosaic

There are groove and falling on the mosaic surface which is used for the pavement

Washed mosaic

There are sand grains on the surface of the mosaic and it’s not polished due to uneven on it

Rocky stone

There are decorative stones such as marble, granite, crystal and other kinds on its surface, because of that they look really unique. They are 

produced in grooved, washed and smooth surface.

Plaque mosaic

There are hard and polish able building material on its surface and their sizes depends on their application is different.

Industrial mosaic are double layers mosaics, surface layer is made of tiny and large grain stones mixed by cement and additives, bottom layer is made of cement and sand that is called based concrete. These two layers produce with press machines in 230 press bar, so cause high strength and resistance to natural and ice erosion. It is used in industrial and crowded places, due to the compressing process and its resistance.